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#491 DarkraiActive during nights of the new moon, this legendary Pokémon has the power to lull people to sleep and fill their heads with dreams. To protect itself, Darkrai afflicts those around it with nightmares, both people and Pokémon; however, this is a defense mechanism and it means no harm. These nightmares can be healed by exposure to a Cresselia’s lunar wing.







Why bring back old memes when we can back this song?


2004 is calling me… whispering

numa numa yay

the funny thing about this is I sincerely have followers that were born in the same month i discovered this flash video on newgrounds

fuuccckk I completely erased all memory of newgrounds.

Oh my god it’s back. This is one of my favourite things, if only because my Grandmum loves it so much. I can just start singing it and mimicking the video, and she’ll start laughing so hard she has to take her glasses off because she’s crying. It’s beautiful.

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